Animals do have rights to live.

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  • February 8, 2021
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animal rights

In general words, Rights stand as the principle or norms granted for the individual for the betterment of their life or a powerful word that heals pain, makes an area for self-security, gains an area for self-grown up, and sets an area for own opinion.
Despite these, Animal Rights is the norms in which all group of animal has the security to enjoy their live i.e. they are entitled by their rights like we human. Animal rights mainly concern about the right including food, shelter, proper breeding of animals, and the right against cruelty, poaching, and smuggling of animals according to human beneficial purposes. Being a living creature they can rarely express the things they want, they like and they do so animals are the innocent creature even worship different religious groups. Some religion even says that the way you kill animals today will be the reason you will die tomorrow. In dharmic books, there is a saying “When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own, that is consciousness” and that is what makes us reflect as a wise human.

Including animal rights different organization as well as constitution have made provision which strongly claims the punishment for any activity that shows animal abuse or cruelty. According to it article 116, article 227 and chapter 27 have clearly mentioned the rights and legal retribution for any offense relating to animals and birds in Nepal. Likewise in India, stray dogs that have been operated on for birth control can’t be capture or relocated by anybody including any authorities. Capturing, trapping, poisoning, or baiting of any animal or even attempting to do so is punishable by law as well as no animal can be slaughter in any place other than a slaughterhouse also sick or pregnant animals shouldn’t be a slaughter. Despite this abolitionism, the right not to be treated as the property of others ensures the right to freedom for animals. These rights gain a better living life for animals, but the question is that is this enough to stop the inhuman activities that include teasing animals, throwing acid to them, and killing them by giving poison in food?

When a shelter kills a healthy animal. It is not euthanasia. It is just plain killing”
You always thrash me, but I always trust you  -stray dogs

The street where I belong is the only one home for me so that I named it after it and called street dogs. Street or Stray both reveal the same meaning. On that road, I met many like me who lost their actual upbringing and live in a virtual place. We live in a group like common humans but the way to live life is a vast difference. They get food to eat, cloth to wear, and shelter to live but in our case, we get stone to eat, hot boiling water or acid to wear, and hardly get footpath to sleep. Human abuse us, they tease us, and killed us according to their beneficial purpose, and claim us we bark unnecessarily. But the bitter fact is that we pleased you to provide us some food, someplace and show some love towards us. Some of us are deaf, some are burn by fire, some are affected by the disease while some are affected by starvation here we all are disturbed by humans actually their evil mindset toward us. I continuously pleased you to lend me food, to treat me like your lucky, to play with me, to care for me, but unfortunately, you disobey what I say, but today I saw you roaming in that same street in search of food, searching for the same footpath to sleep and pleasing for the same people to love you, to care you but like us no one turns their face towards you, this is the time I saw you like us, like us but as street human, like us but with two legs and two hands. So I welcome you, I welcome all of you. I am aware your devastation is so close ready to face change to be ready to live like us.
This is the small out message that all stray dogs want to say us and to connect humans as stray humans. And giving us a chance to change that evil mindset toward them and to behave as wise social animals.

In spite of this thing, programs are running for the treatment, vaccination, and awareness about stray dogs from different local levels to private bodies. A group of people from Kathmandu runs a program where they feed the stray dogs, provide them vaccination, and also some dogs are trained in order to help the group to save more other dogs. Not only in Nepal case of stray dogs are more in no. in other developed county too. So for these, an organization of stray dogs association help the fund program or other essential program to aware people and look at the overall population of stray dogs their disease database, etc. It was estimated in 2014 that worldwide 25 million dogs are eaten each year by humans. Most commonly country like China, Nigeria, Vietnam, South Korea people is using dog meat as their meal purpose. This type of activity not only show the ghost character but also cause dead full disease transformation from dogs to animal.
Feeding someone’s stomach wash our bad deeds, but making someone our food is just the addition of bad deeds. To sum up, the barrier which we broke to live pleasantly can be the barrier to some others who are living in the same environment. We a wise social animal are behaving like animals just to rule over all things that are given by nature, but actually, we are destroying our life by disturbing the whole of nature. Hence, the extinction is near. Thus Dogs and other animals will be the reason for the extinction of human life in the near time period.



 Article Credit : Bipana Adhikari

Bipana is currently pursuing her higher education in Gaindakot Naumuna Secondary School at grade XII.



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