A Multi-talented Prime Minister with a Unique Lifestyle

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  • January 12, 2020
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Unique lifestyle of PM. PM of Bhutan Lotay Tshering checking patients in hospital. A pic by AFP

A multi-talented prime minister with a very unique lifestyle and kind heart. He is no other than Bhutanese prime minister, Lotay Tshering. He works as a Surgeon in hospital at least once in a week. As we know he was former doctor but he still checks the patients in hospital weekly.

PM Lotay wishes to work as a surgeon throughout his whole life. He says, “ I used to work OT in hospital. Now I am working OT in my office. Most importantly I always feel better while going to hospital and providing treatments to patients.” He is mostly busy in work. So he doesn’t have a fixed time for food and exercise. Despite the fact that he is the prime minister of Bhutan, he prefers a simple lifestyle and wears typical Bhutanese dress most of the time. Moreover he prefers simple food.

Prime Minister's Office Bhutan Pic Source- Facebook

Prime Minister’s Office in Bhutan

He became  prime minister of Bhutan on November 7, 2018 after replacing Tshering Tobgay. He  always gives priority on maintaining a good relationship with other countries. Moreover Bhutan is ranked as the happiest country in Asia.

During the earthquake of 2072-73 , he volunteered with medical help in Nepal too. He came to Nepal during earthquake as a volunteer with a group of 37 medical volunteers though he was not elected as a prime minister that time.

He rears two godchildren. In an interview taken by a local newspaper in Bhutan, he says, “My lifestyle has not changed. I am busy most of the time in work. So I have very less time to my children which makes me sad. Finally I want to die as a surgeon.”


PM Lotay is awarded by many awards till now. Being a powerful person, he is living a very common life. He is inspiration to the whole world. Moreover it is necessary for the leaders of many countries living lavish lifestyle to learn a lesson from him.




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