Bushfires in Australia: Causes, damages and suffering

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  • January 9, 2020
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Australia bushfire

When the summer starts, a kind of fear troubles Australian people. And that fear is nothing but of bushfire. It is normal to have bushfires in Australia but sometimes it goes too wild killing people and animals and damaging properties. As we know, till now, bushfires in Australia have damaged extensive areas and property. They have caused deaths of about 800 people since 1851 and millions of animals.

Moreover, about 26 million acres of land and 6000 buildings are destroyed by the bushfires till date. The deaths of around 25 people makes the world speechless. WWF says around a billion of animals could have died so far. Fire is spreading all over the country. South Eastern part of the country is mostly affected. Bushfires caused most damaged to New South Wales so far.

Australia bushfire

Bushfires of 2019-20 have become one of the deadliest bushfires around the world till date. Australia is still burning and many lives are suffering. Bushfires started in different locations of Australia since September. This time temperature has raised abnormally and the climate is hottest and driest. Dry weather and strong winds have added more pain to people there.


Lightening causes half of all the bushfires. Rest of the causes are accidental or deliberately. Strong winds provide sufficient oxygen for the fire to spread. In addition fire travels faster if there is wind and weather is dry. Smoke from the huge fires goes to Stratosphere and causes thunderstorm.

NSW police have charged 24 people with deliberately starting bushfires. The worst fact is, it is just the start of summer season and Australia is suffering worst droughts in decades. So the relief could be some months away. Let’s pray for Australia.


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