Characteristics of Abnormal Behavior

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  • January 30, 2020
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Abnormality leads to sadness....characteristics of abnormal behavior

How can we differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior? In order to differentiate them, we should know some of the basic characteristics of such behaviors. As we know, people identifies abnormal behavior quickly. So, it is very important to learn about abnormal behavior.

1. Maladaptive  and malfunctional behavior:

Maladaptive and malfunctional behavior is the first characteristic of abnormal behavior. In fact, such behaviors are hard to adapt in the society.. They are against the social norms and values. Malfunctional behaviours show that a person ‘s mind is not fully functional. Indeed, people with normal behavior can control their emotions. So, they are well adapted in society. Abnormal people can’t live in harmony and show maladaptive behavior.

2. Behavior not according to situation:

Normal behavior is always according to the situation. But, abnormal behavior is against the situation. If a person dies and in the sad situation someone laughed, then the man laughing is showing abnormal behavior.

3. Behavior not helpful to self:

A normal person has the characteristics of self-control, independence and rationality. But, abnormal person lacks such characters and they are always either depressed or show bizarre behaviors. Moreover, they are dependent on others as they cannot do basic works themselves.

4. Statistically rare behaviors:

Abnormal behaviors are statistically rare. The behaviors are uncommon. As a result, such behaviors are harmful to those who exhibits them in lifetime. To be abnormal, one has to show unusual behavior.

5. Lack of feeling of remorse:

A normal man has the feeling of remorse. Such person realizes the mistakes and accepts them. So, he/she tries to improve further. In contrast, an abnormal person never feel guilty for mistakes. And he/she can never think of rectifying them.

These are some of the basic characteristics of abnormal behavior. Everyone has to study about their own behavior so they can find out whether their behavior is normal or not.



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