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  • May 8, 2020
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Internet is the most intiative factor that has drastically change the world since within the decades of it’s invention. As we all know that the Information superhighway is a vital part of the internet era, a well known crucial factor for providing framework to the highway infrastructure . In 1965 United Nations Department of Defence, designed the concept of a I-way that could link a handful of Universities and military research Laboratories. Since then the network communication link to any phones are possible via matrix of several thousand connections in over 100 countries. Until 1991, they are used in primary  research by economics government agencies in research laboratories to communicate and share information securely.


The cutting edge for business today is, Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) and is broadly defined as Electronic Commerce -a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of organisations, merchants and consumers to deduce cost while improving the quality of goods and services and increasing the speed of service delivery. This also applies to the use of computer networks to search and retrieve information in support of human and corporate decision makers.


Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) -Fast and dependable way to deliver electronic transactions by computer computer to computer communication combined weight just in time (JIT) manufacturing methods, enables suppliers to deliver components directly to the factory floor, resulting in savings inventory, warehousing, and handling costs. While EDI is primarily inter interorganisational, electronic mail(email) does much the same thing enabling firms to accelerate the document based business processes both inside and across the organisational boundaries from simple order processing to complete supply chain management. ECommerce focuses on technical standards, to detect the nature of information publishing , user interfaces and transport in the interest of compatibility across the entire network. Information superhighway is the very foundation for providing the highway System along which all eCommerce must travel. E-commerce applications and Standards infrastructure are just as indispensable. The public policy governs the issues related to eCommerce websites covering universal access, privacy and information pricing. Any successful eCommerce application requires the I-way infrastructure in the same way that regular commerce needs the inter state highway network to carry goods from point to point. I-way is not considered as one monolithic data highway designed according to long standing, well- construction, the I-way will be a mesh of interconnected data highways of many forms such as, telephone wires, cable TV wires, radio based wires – cellular and satellite.

The term e-commerce has become irrevocably linked with the idea of convergence of industries centered on information that today has been isolated – contents, storage, networks, business applications, and consumer statistics. Convergence is defined as the melding of consumer electronics, television, publishing, telecommunication, and computers for the purpose of facilitating new forms of information-based commerce. The public can be forgiven for finding the concept of perplexing, change the popular press uses the terms multimedia and cross-media interchangeably. Multimedia convergence applies to the conversion of text, voice, data, image, graphics, and full-motion video into digital content. Multimedia mimics the natural way people communicate. The sole purpose of a multimedia platform is to combine the interactivity of a user-friendly interface with multiple forms of content. You know how to earn from your website, but how greatly transfer look after you give rise to in your website before you will uniform reason of manufacture cash from it that is the former consequence you must glare into. Multimedia is often associated with the hardware convergence taking place in the telecommunications, computer, and cable industry is the next generation of digital, interactive home entertainment purposes.  Cross-media convergence refers to the integration of various industries- entertainment, publication, and communication media – based on multimedia content. The widespread availability of increasingly low-cost, high-performance enabling component technology including semiconductors, storage, and display devices, communication systems, and operating systems among others. Entrepreneurs who are feeding on anticipated end-user demand for new applications- both products and services- that rely on the aforementioned enabling technologies.


Standards are crucial in the world of global eCommerce, to ensure not only seamless and harmonious integration across the transportation network but is access of information on any type of device the consumer prefers. While we have strived to limit our initial discussion of the elements of a framework for electronic commerce, to an understanding of what part they play within this complex network, it is not intruiging to know we have ended with a convergence of technical, policy,and business concerns. The concept of convergence is essential to the operation of information superhighway into the way the business world is gearing up to deal with it.


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