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  • March 11, 2020
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In terms of the technical term, the drone is the unmanned aircraft that scuttle without a human pilot. It can be command with various degrees of autonomy either under a remote guide by a human or can be handled with the computers. The use of the drone is expanding rapidly in various sectors like commercial, scientific, agricultural, aerial photography, product deliveries. A Drone is a flying robot that performs through the software- controlled flight plans in their embedded systems with an onboard sensor and GPS. The first drone generally appeared in 1935 as a full-size retooling of the de Havilland and nowadays the use of a drone is applicable in every field. A drone was
originally created as a safer, cheaper alternative to manned military aircraft.

Current Scenario

Nowadays the use of a drone is expanding rapidly in every field and also the demand is increasing rapidly. The development of drones is also rapidly increasing day by day. Mostly drone is being used in military activities and the use of a drone outside the military is also increasing tremendously. In the current scenario, a drone is used for
wildlife monitoring, firefighting, rescue, Healthcare, agricultural and in the scientific field. The Drone is being used for capturing videos in the forest to protect wildlife creatures. Also, a drone is being used in the military for the security of the country and it is also being used to rescue people who are suffering from natural disasters by supplying medicine, food and other needed things through the use of drones. The use of a drone makes work easier, reliable and cheaper so due to that reason the use of a drone is increasing in every sector. About millions of drones are used in every sector for delivering foods, to make films and to take takes video in the sports sector and to
make videos. So the use of the drone in the current situation is increasing and in the future also it will increase rapidly.


A drone is made up of light composite materials to decrease weight ad increment mobility. The quality of this composite material enables military automatons to voyage  -at incredibly high altitudes.  There are many types of drone and it can be classified on the basis of their size and they are:
a. Nano and mini-drones                     b. small size drones
c. medium size drones                          d. big drones

Nano drones are being used in the military for spying and small task and such drones have a very small radius between 1 and 3 km and cannot fly more than 10 to 20 minutes. Small size drone is the most used drone and can be affordable by the customer than that of a big drone. Most of the drone seen on the market is in this category. This kind of drone has a radius of 5 km and can fly between 20 to 40 minutes. Medium size drone is generally used for transporting goods to the remote location by the military. These kinds of drones are generally large and single people cannot coperate so this not the choice of ordinary people. It can carry 200kg weight and can fly for 6 hrs. Big drones are used by the army and cannot be affordable by the ordinary civilian. This bye of drones has a large radius and can fly 30 f.t above the sea level and can stay 36 hours in the air. It is believed that big drones will completely replace the aircraft that require a pilot in the near future.

How do drones fly?

The controller plays a significant job in the automaton flying system. This gadget is utilized by specialists for controlling each development of automaton, going from its starting, route capacities and even up to the landing. The market is overwhelmed with an assortment of controllers nowadays and designers regularly use to do different tests to make drones with impressive features. The arrival procedure is likewise constrained by the propeller framework inside and the sensors settle on choices about its speed, elevation and engine pivot. A drone works like a smart air unit that can cover huge distance when utilized with incredible batteries.

Current scenario of drone in Nepal


Drone in Nepal

Source: ramu sapkota

Our country Nepal is a developing country. The development of drones is coming slowly as compared to other countries. The world’s present technology concludes that drone will be the most wanted and full demand technology in upcoming days. Recently in Nepal Gokarneshor municipality has begun the use of drones for capturing the high-resolution aerial images of the municipality for city planning and infrastructure development. In Nepal drone is been used for capturing the aerial view of by the visitors and drones are being used in the movie making purpose. Nowadays in Nepal people are using drones for capturing photos views and as well as used for the security
purpose. In the current context, the drone is not being used in every sector in Nepal so the use of drone should be increased in Nepal in various sectors.

Nepal is backward in the science and technology field. Developed countries are making an advanced drone and using drones in many sectors. They can be useful in many ways. It can be implemented in the following sectors. In product deliveries, film making, entertainment We can use a drone on product deliveries. They can also be used to transfer goods from one place to another place which consumes less time. In the context of Nepal drone can be used in the medical purpose by supplying medicine through drones where people cannot reach fast or in urban areas. Generally, in other countries drones are being used in film making. So in Nepal also drone can be used for film making or to create videos. The drone can be used in sports sectors for telecasting the live matches in the ground with a better view. So in several fields drone can be used in Nepal for a different kind of purpose.

For the implementation of drone, we have to take permission from the ministry of a
home affair and the CAAN is required before operating drone in Nepal. The following
rules should be followed for operating drones:
• We cannot fly drones around the airport area.
• We cannot fly drones above 120 meters.
• We cannot fly drones within 50 meters of any vehicle or any structure.

As we know, the implementation of a drone is less in the context of Nepal than in other countries. So drone can be used in delivering products, making videos, making films, as well as it can be used in boarder for protection purpose. To implement drones in such field Nepal does not have such drones so such drones should be imported from different other countries who have advanced drone as well as a country should spend money in making such type of advanced drones. Such kind of drones helps for capturing videos with good quality and it can be used in product delivery in time and it can give fast service. It can also be used in rescuing people where people cannot reach with the help of the drone. It can be used in taking Ariel photography and can be used in searching. But for developing countries like Nepal, it is difficult to implement drones due to infrastructure and unmanaged traffic.

Simply drones are unmanned aircraft that can be operated by the remote. Normally drones are of different size and according to their size, they are used in different sectors like military, commercial. They can be used in product deliveries, film making, used by the military for spy and for another different purpose. Nowadays drones are
been used in the sports field like in stadium to capture the videos. So in today’s world drones are been used in different sectors and which will lower down the cost, work will be complete in time.

Future Escalation

In future drones can be used in the field of agricultural. Drone helps farmers for spraying fertilizer, pesticides, and water for the crops at the proper time. It can also be used in the engineering field for monitoring depth projects like transmission cable, oil pipelines and maintenance, and inspection. It can be used in 3D mapping also. In future drone can provide wireless internet service. The drone has various importance in every sector so in the future it can be implemented in various sectors.

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