Funniest Places Name In The Earth

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  • January 20, 2020
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There are some of the funniest places name on the earth based on their stories, theories about their origin.  Here are the list of places.

1. Two Egg, Florida.

The two boy used to came on errands for trading two eggs for a packet of sugar for their mom. This little city name during the Great Depression. Then, local began starting to call the place as “Two Egg”.

2. Hot Coffee, Mississippi

The travellers were on the way to their destination often stopped in southern Mississippi in the early 1800s. The owner of the inn addressed them with pot of piping hot coffee and ginger cookies. The owner took the name of the surrounding area “Hot Coffee”. Nowadays, there are farms, homes and factory with Hot Coffee Road.

3. Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec

This place name makes perfect sense in French. Ha! Ha! is based to an archaic French term. The meaning of Ha! Ha! is “The unexpected problem or dead end” which mention to Lake Temiscouata. The people of this place are very proud of their city name which is strength in world.

4. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

According to the famous explorer, many rabbits in the riverbank were drove by flood and reached to stew pots of hungry settlers in 1840s.  Then, described as”a little slice of American pie, ” by the general store clerk. Rabbit hash consists of few buildings and few population.

5.Ding Dong, Texas

There was a funny fact behind the named of this place.  There were governor Peter Bell, businessman Zulis Bell and his nephew Bert living in that place. Bell hired a painter named C.C for his general store. Hoover make a sign with the Bell’s name and wrote” Ding Dong” coming out from the bottom of the bells.



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