What makes good journalists? – Learn these characteristics

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  • February 15, 2020
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characteristics of good journalists

Many wonders about the characteristics of  good journalist. To students of journalism, being a good journalist may be their dream. But, they are deprived of the ideas of the virtue of a journalist and they might be going in wrong way. So, it is crucial to be aware of those virtues.

Common with other professions, some characteristics such as good education, determination, patience and hard work are basic. Besides the qualities, journalists should have “nose for news”. Their senses are well adopted to catch anything unusual instantly. They should understand the value of information. Moreover, they should have “filtering capacity” so that they can distinguish between the most and least important information. The art of selection is an unavoidable art for a journalist.

“A news is when a man bites a dog”- said by a philosopher. The eyes of good journalists are always seeking for those men biting dogs. Suppose, a man begging in the street might not influence them but if the man begging is a celebrity then it is the topic to catch quickly.

Good journalists are good writers.

Indeed, writing skills plays a vital role in the field of journalism. Journalists with creativity in their writings are supposed to climb ladder of success. Journalists should be able to use the diction is such a way meeting the emotions and demands of readers.

Good journalists avoid their own emotions.

It does not matter what they feel when writing and sharing any information. Journalists are voice of the voiceless. They should know how to adjust any items, without regarding their emotions and feelings.

Good journalists are away from the leisure as far as possible.

Another major character that journalists possess is not seeking leisure over their work. They might have to work overtime, in off- day or sometimes their work coincides with their leisure and entertainment. They may seldom spend time enjoying or an evening at cinema. What day deliver is effective to a whole lot of people. That’s why, their one and only enjoyment is their work.

Good journalists have habits of studying anything they get.

For being a good journalist, one has to read whatever they get. Good journalists should have wide area of knowledge. They filter effective ideas from the whole bunches of ideas. So, reading habit is a must.

Good journalists are adventurous.

Journalists always love to explore. They have keen interest on adventure. Those who feel thrill in exploring new are more likely to become good journalists.

Good journalists are quick.

Journalists should serve the news hot, before others and before it has given the heat off. They know when to hit the hammer to make a weapon. Journalists are quick in collecting, selecting and delivering the ideas. In this sector, one has to compete with others who are keen, quick and dedicated. So, quickness adds charms to a journalist’s future.

These are some of the special virtues of good journalists. A beginner must acquire these characteristics to be successful in their fields. For more information regarding journalism and mass communication, please visit https://latticenepal.com/category/education/


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