Government college in Nepal has become a matter of shame- a story

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  • February 4, 2020
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Government college education

Harkey asks, “Sir, education in government college is not as I expected. It shocks me to see this pity. Moreover, it makes me pessimistic when I roam around our college. Is this what a government college really should be? Sir, it is 5 days by now from the day our class stopped. There are flags everywhere. Noises everywhere. Fights everywhere. And, is this what we pay for?”

After taking a deep breath, he again speaks,” Sir, when I left home, my dreams were as high as Sagarmatha. But, today  they are as low as Terai. Is this what a government college is made for? My dreams fades away as soon as my first step touches my own college. Tears rolls down from my eyes as soon as I remember my parents’ blessings. Others saying that our college won’t open for one month is making me tired before my race. Along with Gundruk and Vuteko Makai in my bags, I have brought expectations and happiness of my parents. Sir, please tell me where to throw them? How to dispose them? ”

Eyes full of tears, he again speaks. He says, ” Sir, the taps inside college is thirsty. The desk, bench, chairs and projectors are all home alone. I didn’t have any problem not getting any chairs to sit. Sir, I have read many classes happily without sitting. I used to quietly manage to bear that foul smell in toilets. One thing that gives me hope despite all the flaws, is education. Sir, aren’t we spoiling the purity of knowledge?

He stops for a while. He starts saying in a calm voice, ” Sir, our ID cards are used for just two works. One for getting discounts in vehicles while other for voting in union’s election. It is waiting to be checked, monitored and its owner is waiting to be advised. Is it sin in government college to take exams and analyse students? Sir, I want to be examined. I want to know my weaknesses. I want to study hard. It is only what my money allows me to do. My whole family is waiting for my success. Tears of my mother and sweats of my father are waiting to be dry.”

“Sir, I don’t need politics that destroys me and my life. I need politics which encourages me. I only want to see my parents happy. I want to study. Please, let me….

After listening to all his sayings, the chief says,” How to manage properly? We are not taking much money from students. It is what you get for that amount.”


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