Reasons behind ongoing Hong Kong protests

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  • January 6, 2020
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While the whole world was celebrating Christmas and New Year, Hong Kong was burning with protests, chaos and marches. The movement is not showing any sign to stop. Why people are protesting? How did it start? Many people around the world are unknown.

On February 8, 2018- a young couple Chan Thung Kai and Pun Hui Win went to Taiwan for vacation. But on February 17 only Chan returned to Hong Kong. One month later he confessed murdering his pregnant girlfriend. But he could not be charged because there was no extradition agreement between Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2019, Hong Kong’s government proposed an extradition bill but the same bill would also allow the extradition to China.

That extradition bill threatens Hong Kong to be dominated by China. “One country, two systems” principle is governing Hong Kong. Hong Kong fully becomes a part of China by 2047. But China is not waiting. Hong Kong is a semi- autonomous region. It exists as a Special Administrative Region of China. China is trying to encroach the autonomy of Hong Kong. People of Hong Kong does not want domination of China over their freedom.



Despite all these facts, there is a high chance to pass any bill in favor of China because Pro China Party occupies majority of the legislative. These are the reasons behind the ongoing protests on Hong Kong.


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