Kathmandu Terai Fast Track in Nepal

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  • January 23, 2020
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Fast track being constructed

Kathmandu Terai fast track is one of the projects of national pride. It connects Kathmandu with plain regions of Nepal i.e. Terai. Kathmandu Terai fast track goes along the Bagmati corridor originating at Sano Khokana and travelling through Chhaimale, Gausel, Malta, Thingen, Budune and Chhatiwan. Finally, it reaches  Nijghad where it meets with the Mahendra Highway.

Indeed, this connection with the high- speed road has serious social, economic and political implications. The time to reach Kathmandu from Terai and vice-versa will be reduced to just an hour. Moreover, the vehicles can travel upto 120km/hour which is really amazing.

The fast track can reduce the centralization in Kathmandu. It will develop the nearby areas connected through the track.

Construction of the fast track. Pic source: Facebook

Kathmandu Terai fast track is under he management of Nepal Army. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most well- constructed projects of Nepal. It is the shortest road connecting Kathmandu to Terai.

The track is 72.5 km long four lane road. It consists of 87 bridges and 6.4 km long tunnel road. There are three tunnel roads in plan. Breadth of the track in hilly area is 25 m and in plain land is 27 m.

Nepal Army has set an aim of completing the project by 2081 BS. Now, they are working through 10 base camps in different places. Nepal Army claims they would make the road ready for gravel by the end of Ashar. Till now, 30% of the road is ready for gravel.

This project is expected to enhance urbanization around Birgunj, Hetauda and Nijgadh. It also shortens the distance between India border and Tibet. As a result, the trade practice can be quite easy. People of Nepal hope to get benefits from this projects.



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