Law is a blunt knife.

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  • January 18, 2021
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Law is a system of rules created and enforced through social and governmental bodies in order to protect the liberties and rights of people. Basically, it is the rule which has been legally authorized by the parliament bodies.  In the context of Nepal, the bill passed by the legislature parliament shall be submitted to the president for authentication having certified by the speaker to become an Act after it has been authenticated by the president. Hence, it stands for Legally Authorized Words(LAW).

Having millions of words, thousands of sentences, and a hundred full stops, the law became a very sensitive organ for the uplifting of the country. In other words, it looks like the fire that shows the path during the dark time in the dense forest of Culprit, Conflicts, and Corruption (3C). The book represents a law known as the Constitution. In Nepal constitution is legally formulated on the 3rd of Ashoj 2072 B.S. in spite of this nothing is a change which means from the corner of the parliament to the burner of the chulo(kitchen) everyone has a tight stomach and still behaving like they are suffering from malnutrition. But what about those people who are actually suffering from it? And what about those innocent ones who are kept inside the closed door?

There are 35 parts, 308 articles, and 9 schedules in the present constitution where nationality,  human rights, bicameral parliamentary system, socialism, federal democratic republican state, rights of women, rights of gender and sexual minorities are mentioned without any discrimination and without any race, caste and sex line. Despite having these laws nobody is fully protected by them. No. of the case regarding sexual discrimination,  caste discrimination, women harassment,  Political disputes, the crown of nepotism and favoritism have been ruling in the era of legally authorized words. A system like making major parties and minor parties, making unnecessary debate, having a blind desire to rule over a country destroy the value of what the law said and what happens when we go against it. Actually nowadays  LAW stands for (LOOK! ASSEMBLY WAR) where nobody fears the rules, where people can do anything anywhere and at any place.

These things happen very frequently because we know LAW is blind, and we can see it through our naked eyes. It is blind to the proof of something that people have seen but fears to talk about. Sometimes it becomes blind and for some time someone makes it blind, it all depends upon finance or power or punch or false proof. We can see street children working in hotels or bars, we can see people are killing other people just because of their caste, we can see the provision made for compensation during any loss but for general information, I want to ask some question. Is that enough for an acid victim to do a fine plastic surgery?  Is that enough dowry for the girl who has been gang-raped? Or is that enough for the people who have lost their homes due to an earthquake or floods?  Furthermore, do you think it is enough to balance the life of people with your 25 thousand compensation?  Absolutely not. So, now don’t you think that law is a blunt knife?

Conclusion:  we know that implementing law made a little impact on uplifting the country and having a great hope that one day law can be blonde when molestation dies among with indiscipline and bloody mindset of selfishness. When people abide by the law then the law will provide a runway with peace for the welfare of people as well as the whole nation. Enlighten up, let’s take an oath different from the government that we won’t make us feel like we cheat our motherland and our own set regulation by disrespecting the book of LAW.


 Article Credit : Bipana Adhikari
  Bipana is currently pursuing her higher education in Gaindakot Naumuna Secondary School at grade XII.


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