Miami becomes the Most Vulnerable Coastal City Worldwide

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  • February 5, 2020
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Miami- the most vulnerable coastal city

Resources for the Future reveals that 100 year floods could occur every few years in different locations. Moreover, an additional 300000 homes, 2500 miles of roadways, 30 schools and four hospitals are vulnerable to it. It says, “Miami will become the most vulnerable coastal cities in the world.”

New reports warns that next two decades will be more disruptive for Florida. It is because climate change threatens the state’s coastline. As a result, it chews away $1 trillion of economy.

In Miami, hundreds of billions of dollars is under threat from winds, storm, flooding and rise in the sea level.


A senior research associate at Resources for the future said, ” The sheer numbers of people who will feel direct climate impacts in their lifetimes is very, very significant, and it points to why public policies are necessary right now to start reducing the risks.”

Miami-Dade Country and the Tampa Bay region will be mostly affected. Nearly a half-million people in Florida are living just less than 3 feet above of high water levels. The regular flooding threatens $145 billion in real states.

RFF states, ” Several major tourist destinations such as the Everglades, Biscayne National Park, and Miami Beach, are largely situated on land less than three feet above high-water mark and may submerge permanently by the end of the century.”

According to the analysis, under a moderate emissions scenario, the effects of climate change may lead to 3.8 more deaths per 100000 Florida residents.

Many researchers believe that climate change is the major cause for endangering many coastal cities all around the world including Miami.

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