Facebook group MRR handout 3 lakhs 5 Thousand innovation’s materials to National Innovation Center.

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  • February 4, 2020
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National Innovation Center

The renowned Nepalese Facebook group Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR)  has donated Three lakhs Five  Thousand innovation’s materials to National Innovation Center .

MRR Introduction.

Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR) was founded on 11th of December 2011. It’s a secret Facebook group for  18+ Nepalese male .  MRR was originally created only for fun and entertainment purpose namely “Men’s Room” later its name was changed to Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR), with reloaded thoughts, enthusiasm, wills, themes, ideas and sense of unity.  MRR have done many social works like blood donation, fund raised for needy people and helped Earthquake victims and flood casualties.

There are around 99 thousand youths in this volunteering group. This group includes doctors, engineers, police officers and people from all fields. Sometimes we can see Posts of actors like Dipak Raj Giri, Nischal Basnet and many more here. These Actors get amazed looking the unity, love, and enthusiasm of youths. MRR is  helped by these actors both economically and morally many times.

National Innovation Center Introduction


National Innovation Center

National Innovation Center

NIC Nepal is a Non-profit distributing company which incorporated on Nov 9th, 2012. The goal of NIC Nepal is to develop the culture of research and innovation in Nepal, retain talented and creative people from going abroad and use their talent for the economic development of nation specifically through research, technology and innovation.


National Innovation Center Founder



The founder of National Innovation Center is Mahabir Pun. A teacher, social entrepreneur and an activist. Known for work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas. Widely known as “Wireless Man” in Nepal.

In combination with the MRR, the inventory center has been procured from the collected funds from inside and outside the country by procuring the necessary machinery items. Speaking on the program of providing support materials, Mahavir Pun, the leader of the invention center, said that the materials provided by the youth group helped them in their needs. He said, “Along with financial and mechanical support, the youth also need to provide intellectual support to the center”. Similarly, through Facebook, MRR will help to bring the innovation center to more people and expand its mission.

Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrrbiCRzFzY 

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