Need of diverse perspectives in Nepal

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  • January 15, 2021
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Diversity in Nepal

Nepal is a land of cultural diversity, a place where different identities have been living not just together but also unified. Cultural diversity is one of the major features of the nation which has undoubtedly made nation prosperous and be in peace for a long time. But, is being culturally diverse enough for nation to flourish? For the growth of the nation, what we need is not just diversity in culture but also diversity in perspectives.

Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. – Shiv Khera

Differences in opinions, distinctness of ideas, individuality of humans and their ability to think for others and be in peace with them has made humans unique. The rationality in humans comes with knowledge they gain. To benefit the nation and planet as a whole with our wiseness, we need education. We need knowledge to bring change, to succeed and to be the fastest one in the race of development in order to emerge out as a winner.

The difference in system of nation can only be made when we choose to change or at least modify the current system which hasn’t been successful to sow seeds of curiosity in children of the nation. The system of education in Nepal focuses more on books than in practical knowledge. Knowing theory sure is important, but children won’t be delighted learning about football or cricket in books and not getting a chance to play it in real life.

The way everything has been set up in the system only makes students carry the burden of the books making them hate books without getting an impression of what it contains. Most of the students never care about the content. The only reason they choose to study is to get good grades and to satisfy the demand of people around them. Isn’t it the fault of education system for not being able to fascinate students, when nothing is more fascinating than learning?

The youths of coming days need to think differently so that the nation gets stronger support in the future. Few people are inquisitive and very less out of them tend to search for the answers of the questions they have. It’s because, we Nepalese have never been taught to question. The education system doesn’t prioritize the questions of the young minds and honestly not all teachers are trained in the way they can satisfy the quest for knowledge of the students.

Students are taught poems, stories, essays and different other literary forms in the school. But, how many students visit library to learn more about literature? How many of them literally search for the critics and analysis of those works in the internet? How many students care to learn something new and different? How many want to improve and add into themselves? Answer is, very few, maybe handful of them. And, it is all because we are not taught to do things differently. Our answers are not considered to be correct if we choose to apply a different method than what is given in the book. We and our perspectives aren’t accepted if they are different they are different than what people are being fed as answers. Simply putting, it is because our system doesn’t support and follows the dynamic nature of change.

The lack of versatility in courses, lack of courage of responsible authority to bring change and to modify the nature of course apparently seems to be the reason behind the lack of diversity in students and in their school of thought. But, as they say, “Change is inevitable, slow and painful at times but inevitable.” So, let us not yet give up and try to make a change for our nation and for the world.

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Aarya Risal


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