Northern Ireland legalizes the Same-Sex-Marriage.

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  • January 16, 2020
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Northern Ireland legalizes the Same-Sex-Marriage.


In Norther Ireland Same-sex couple will be able to register to marry from Monday. The first ceremony of the Same-sex couple will take in February. Indeed many same-sex couple used to marry illegally in previous time. Now, already married same sex couple can register their marriage legally. But civil partners are not allowed to convert it to a marriage at this time.

Consultation letter is set to begin about the converting civil partners and churches role in same-sex marriage. From today, Heterosexual couple will also be able to enter into civil partners.

Gays couple from Korea

Mr McGinn said, “It is a day of celebration for those who values equality, love and respect. Moreover, he added, “It is the memorable day for all citizen across the island and exciting day for same-sex lover”.

Patrick Corrigan  said,” It is a historic day for  human rights in Northern Ireland”.

The law officially changed overnight. As a result, the same sex marriage is legal throughout UK and northern Ireland.

In November 2015, for the first time majority of vote was in the favour of same-sex marriage.

A spokesperson from KY Jelly said, “Everyone deserves to have the best sex of their life on their wedding night”.

Dawn Bulter said “Delighted that same-sex marriage has become legal in Northern Ireland! I’ve long called for marriage equality as I believe people in NI should have the same rights as the rest of the UK. Congratulations to everyone who has campaigned on this. Today is a great day for equality.”



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