Putin announced reform to Russian Government.

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  • January 16, 2020
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The Russian government resigned on Wednesday. After the announcement of Putin to reform government, former government resigned.

After the meeting, the president of Russia and prime minister informed about the resignation on press conference. They said, “This steps will make country great and some of the important changes in Russia’s balance of power. And, this is a reason of Russian government’s resignation.”

Source:- wsj


Medvedev added, “We should follow the announcement of our president with the practicability to take all the important measures to change the country. So, I hope this announcement will brings changes. Similarly, our president will take decision and announcement in upcoming days.”

Until the appointment of  new government, Putin requested Medvedev to continue his ally as a head of the Government. Moreover, Putin thanked Medvedev for everything that has been done by him because the results Russia expected from Medvedev is achieved. In addition, he said Medvedev played an important role to make Russia great.

Russian President suggested to take the position of deputy head of security council to Medvedev. Earlier Wednesday, Putin proposed to reform Russian constitution which will play vital role in the parliament.

The new announcement will bring big changes in Russian Government. In previous rule, President had power to choose the Prime Minister in Russia. But, this new change will give the power to parliament for choosing prime minister and senior cabinet members.

The leaders chosen from public will have to play important role in governing. He added, “Country’s citizen should vote on entire packages of Government.”

Putin is anticipated to develop Russia on the basis of public opinion. He said “Together with people of nation, we will change the life for the better”.

In 2021, election will test the new system of Putin supported by loyalist parliamentarians and security services.



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