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  • January 28, 2020
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Selfie is the easiest and fulfilled way of clicking photographs of oneself. In other words, a Selfie is an image or photographs that feature one. Selfie is not just an image that one has taken of oneself using digital or technological aspects. It also arouses a sense of self-presentation and helps to dissolve in social networking sites. While comparing the Selfie with other forms of photographs, an individual is a central subject in Selfie.

The picture taken by an individual helps him/her in controlling the image and what he/she wants to project. Do you have any idea about how Selfie came into existence. An Australian first used the word Selfie who fell over-drunk in a party and cut open his lip and then took a photo of his bleeding face. However, the first photographic portrait is known to be taken by Robert Cornelius an amateur chemist. He took the picture by placing the camera behind the store. Have you ever thought about how many times you have taken Selfie?


I bet the number is uncountable. Most people believe that women tend to take more Selfies than men. However, according to descriptive research, it is found that men are found to take more Selfie than women. Many people think that taking Selfie is a normal habit however there is a reason why people take Selfie. For the youths of today’s world, more inclined towards taking Selfie, there are some of the personality factors. They are their narcissistic personality, attention-seeking behavior, means of communication, archiving, for entertainment, and also the social media influence. This paper talks about the factors which influence the youth’s behavior of taking as well as posting the Selfie.

Furthermore, narcissist personality is a mental disorder in which people have inflated senses of their importance. That is  a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. People suffering from narcissist personalities get dissatisfied, unhappy and disappointed when they are not loved and complimented by the people. Those who are suffering from narcissist personality, tend to make Selfies as a way of getting compliments from others.

More factors:

Furthermore, social media is another influencing factor for taking Selfies. People follow different superstars and they try to copy them and end up posting similar Selfies. They want to be popular, which ultimately leads to boosting their confidence, self-esteem, expression of power, overall personality. And, it empowers them to display their desired self-image. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram make it possible for the masses to post their selfie in whichever way they want.

The portability of a selfie camera through a smartphone and easy accessibility of the Internet further contributes to this rising phenomenon of clicking selfies. Smartphones these days have become an extension of the self.

Also, the launch of mobile applications like Snapchat is leading to an increase in smartphone usage among young adults who have a constant need to be online. Selfies are the outcome of self-obsession, mainly when people are striving to be known by everybody on their social media account. Selfies permit people to click their photos and have their physical selves as the focal subject of communication and expression. Prior literature emphasizes that selfies are for self-presentation and self-expression can provide an insight into understanding consumer behaviors and attitudes. The number of positive feedback, comments and likes people receive once they post their selfies on social media enhances one’s self-confidence and self-esteem.


Psychologically, it is very helpful in dealing with people who have lower self-esteem and lower self-confidence. However, once people get addicted to selfie-taking behavior they cannot get enough off it. Prior studies support that selfies are used for self-presentation and the Internet has served as a channel for self-presentation. Social media allows people to present themselves by uploading or posting glimpses of their daily lives. Self-presentation through selfie is a constructed image which when posted creates the first impression of someone in the viewer’s head.

People present themselves as they want through a selfie and that is what viewers notice. People present their lives, views, opinions, and ideas through a selfie. Individuals, concerned about maintaining a high social image, tend to pay more attention to their physical attractiveness; it is important how they express and present themselves among their immediate reference group. All these social influencing factors makes people more concerned about themselves and their lifestyle which must match society according to them.

Therefore, selfie-taking behavior can be a boon or curse in modern society. Taking a selfie in limited form is fine however, once a person starts getting obsessed with taking selfies that person may be suffering from self-obsessed disorders.

-Shiwani Malla

About Writer:

Shiwani Malla is currently studying BBA in 5th semester at presidential college.




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