Thamel At Night: From Dusk Till Dawn

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  • February 16, 2020
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Thamel is very different at various stages throughout the night. The party side of the Kathmandu has the best of the restaurants, Live music bars, crowds and much more to enjoy full nights.  However, more interesting than just the late night parties are the parts of Thamel few get to see at night.

Club Deja Vu, Karma Bar, The Victory Lounge, Purple Haze Rock Bar, Ibyza, LOD : Lord of the Drink, et cetera ; hottest new addition to the lounge and party scene of the Kathmandu valley.

The good food, good music and amazing dance floor. Mainly young crowds love to visit here, the best live music, amazing crowd and atmosphere. ultimate destination to chill and get refreshed! Drive away from the daily city madness and chill out with your friends in our comfy lounge or at the bar! Rock and Roll at the Disco floor or Bang your heads to their awesome live music, all under one roof.

Fire Club is one of the the main dance places in Thamel on a Friday and Saturday night. Old School rules apply like dressing like you have money and of course having a wallet for the hefty cover charges.

Club Reload This super new club is one which fill quickly over the weekend and a place where it’s easy to meet new people.

Club Deja Vu has had its fair share of international DJ’s from Diplo to Steve Aoki! The club in Durbar Marg is huge in space and can easily fit a few thousand people in on a busy night.

Victory Club in Durbar Marg once attracted every visible face from Instagram to Nepali cinema! The club has the perfect location of Durbar Marg and is known to be spacious with good events lined up.

The biggest establishment in Kathmandu, the LOD in Thamel is an extravagant experience. It’s larger than life, has tables all around and an impressive central bar and stage. The club can make you feel intimidated. It’s perfect for groups.

It’s also important to note the difference between a “night club” and a “dance bar”. The latter is the more seedy and dingy where you’ll be charged extra for the copious drinks the girls that flock around you will order. Stick with nightclubs …

Side Alley Clubs
For those with less of a budget, head to the backstreet bars blaring out 80s rock music until the early hours. There’s usually a gang of Nepali’s jostling for motorcycle parking just inside. But inside your ears will be immune to the engines due to high music decibels while your lungs heave in cigarette smoke from locally filled lounges.

Fast food & cyber till late
More side alleys are filled with new burger bars that have replaced kebab stands which replaced sandwich points. All of which are soon to be replaced by fried chicken joints.

Live bands play until late

No matter the day of the week there will nearly always be a live band playing in Thamel. It’s usually 80s rock music covers but increasingly independent Nepali rock bands having been holding there own.

Nightly transport
As the night wears on taxis jam the streets outside clubs waiting to collect local youths with plenty of money still to spare.

Street kids pander to tourists
Locals know better than to give street kids money which will go on drugs. But tourists still fall prey to their fixated pleas.

Police are active until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights
Police in Thamel don’t like their photographs taken.
At least until you met someone in charge. But, if ever you took a photograph you’d usually get a smile at least.

Ladyboys and … drugs
Ladyboys at night in Thamel
What happens in Thamel, stays in Thamel. Transvestite prostitutes have become common place in Thamel these days. Many are nether gay nor ladyboys but looking to earn money by any means. Peer pressure and praising attention from social groups have reinforced their state on the outskirts of Thamel.

Last chance on a rickshaw
As taxis dwindle the very last form of wheeled transport are the cycle rickshaws. Most of whom will charge quadruple prices to take you home.

Empty back streets filled with roaming dogs
Empty streets in the north of Thamel in the early hours – street dogs are blocking the path far ahead
Street dogs roam all of Nepal at night. In Thamel with its intoxicated and usually lost lone tourists it makes for a dangerous combination in a country known for rabies. Take caution and avoid lone streets with dogs in them.

The lone walk home from Thamel at night
Thamel is not quite the 24-hour party city that other capitals have around the world. Things are changing now there is electricity around the clock. Most nights can end between 10pm and 1am. Generally speaking if early, a rickshaw is safe. If late then you’d be wise to arrange a taxi to your hotel.

Heading home from Thamel at night
The streets of Thamel are changing rapidly. Do take care going home. The partying will be continuing for eternity any way, the only thing to make sure you reach home safer, still tomorrow is waiting for a new party events at any of these Night Clubs.

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