Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal

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  • March 6, 2021
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Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 1

For the purpose of entertainment, there are a bunch of social media which influence people to create new ideas, to share their feelings and emotion, and to help them to make their own identity also let them create flawless
enjoyment to avoid their stress. In a match with this, we can see a huge craze for one of the social media called TikTok not only in Nepal but also in many other countries mostly for the means of exploring own identity, and for
entertainment. The craze for this app is not limited only to the younger generation, it made a great impact on the older as well as the child generation. In spite of these, some people know how to use it and be able to make a
generous identity also useful to stardom while some get frustrated, so they lose not only their stardom but also their real identity.

Here we discuss some such personalities who inspire us and even though they are far from the Nepalese film industries they never leave a chance to entertain us with or without filters.


In this article, we are discussing the following TikTokers and get into detail about them.

1. Reshma Ghimire

2. Sudhir K. Shrestha

3. Prisma-Princy (twiny girls)

4. Gita Dhungana

5. Amar-Amrit

6. Simran Panta

7. Manjil Basnet

8. Amita Gurung

9. Deepadamanta

10. Poonam Pathak

Life runs in a more smooth way when the means of entertainment are powerful.


1. Reshma Ghimire 

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 2


Study: B.Sc. Nursing

TikTok’s followers: 1.2 million

Passion: singing and acting

A perfect example of a lady with beauty and a brain. After completing her study and working for several years as a nurse she still wants to explore more about herself i.e. next version of her as Model Miss Ghimire. She has mentioned that she started her journey of making videos on TikTok in 2016 and when it comes to 2020 she has got more than a million families. Within these four years, she builds next-level stardom for herself. Till this date she had played on many music videos and got many offers because of her acting skill and people are showing more interest to know about her. From here we can learn that you must not be limited only to one profession, explore the inner you in new and better platforms.


2. Sudhir K. Shrestha

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 3

TikTok’s followers: 525K

Passion: Dancing

A self-train dancer later became a choreographer for many music videos. Mr. Shrestha became well known among people when he with his wife remade a video of the song ‘Kohinoor’. This video became viral and many people shower love for them as a blessing he became able to continue the journey of making videos. He reminds us of our Late Shree Krishna Shrestha through that song. The combo between Mr. and Mrs. Shrestha earns a huge fan and no. of well-wishers for them. Recently they have been blessed by a baby girl and people are hoping to see the triplet’s combo in upcoming videos.


3. Prisma-Princy (Twiny girls)

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 4

Study: Diploma in-ground handling and bachelor degree
Passion: modeling and acting
Tiktok followers: 6.7 million
Hometown: Ramaelo, Morang

Twinny girls become one of the youths who got instant stardom after uploading a single video. They both completed their lower secondary at Paul academy, Morang after that they pursue White house college for their +2 study. Becoming twins means staying always together, wearing the same dress, eating the same food but in the case of Prisma Princy, they rarely wear the same clothes they always show their own personalities. They said that after +2 they have been separated for their further study but their TikTok journey help to make them united as their twinning video are mostly liked by people.


4. Gita Dhungana

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 5

Study: Bachelor
Passion: acting and dancing
Tiktok followers: currently no official account

One of the cutest girl who has made a magnificent image of herself through her smile. Her TikTok journey starts randomly just for utilizing the rest time but during that lockdown period, she has got limelight which makes her an artist in this day. She has already done many music videos and glad to know that those videos are always trending. Having a beauty given by nature is what she reflects in her videos.


5. Amar-Amrit

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 6

Study: Acting course and graduate of hospitality and tourism management
Tiktok followers: 772.0K

Twins brother Amar-Amrit got viral because of their handsome look and way of dressing sense. They both have now become fashion bloggers on Instagram. They both are active in both social media and their study. Mr. Amrit wants to pursue an acting carrier, so he had done acting for the last 5 yrs mainly in theater dramas and short movies whereas, Mr. Amar has been recently graduating from hospitality and tourism management. To this date, they have done many Nepalese musical videos and know them by most people.


6. Simran Panta

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 7

Study: +2 graduate
Tiktok followers: 631.8 K

The cutest girl Simran Panta is recently getting viral because of her look of innocence. She got so many beautiful replies from her TikTok videos that’s why she got to inspire and work to make more videos. Her expression caught people’s hearts and it’s so true that many of you may have a crush on her. Her beauty shines like the color of a bright rainbow. Many Pakistani as well as other people also made so many video reaction videos of her TikTok, and they mention that their hearts get melted when this innocent-looking girl smile once.


7. Manjil Basnet

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 8

Passion: Acting
TikTok followers: 256.7 K

Handsome guy MR. Manjil is a well-known TikTokers from Nepal as he got limelight when he starts doing lyrical videos on TikTok. And it is said that most of the girls have a crush on him. A dashing guy with that sparkling eyes caught everyone’s attention. From his TikTok journey, he got many offers to play on music videos also it’s come to know that he has some sort of mutual relationship with one of the twin girls.


8. Amita Gurung

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 9

Study: +2 Graduate
Insta followers: 21.5k
Hometown: Pokhara
Miss Amita Gurung became one of the laughter queens in TikTok by her videos. Her mimicking skill and her funny expression gain lots of love from many people. She has been followed by 21k followers on Instagram. She reflects on to earth personality, not only the acting skill she is also so good at her study. Many reporters take lots of interviews of this laughter queen girl and make her a viral girl from Pokhara city.


9. Deepadamanta

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 10

Study: Bachelor
Tiktok followers: 2.6 Million

They are also called twinny girls as they both are twins. They are so beautiful that many people love them and that’s the reason which made them famous in TikTok world in Nepal. Having a sweet gesture they create many videos relating to fashion to the social problem and their solution. But nowadays, they are busy handling their fashion bloggers. They also have their own YouTube channel where we can see many challenging videos. Recently they have joined the dance reality show called dancing with the stars perhaps they didn’t win the first palace, but they surely impress everyone with their performance.


10. Poonam Pathak

Top 10 Tiktokers in Nepal 11

Study:  +2 Graduate
TikTok followers: 253.3 K
Known as: Facial appearances similar to Anaya Pandey

Her look is quite similar to the Bollywood actress Anaya Pandey that’s the reason which made her popular in TikTok. She reflects a hyperactive personality and a fashion blogger on Instagram. She is a college student highly influences by the outer world to explore the inner you.


In lightening up social media is a blessing for those who want to know a better version of themselves. And TikTok became a means for entertainment and an app to create flawless memories.


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