Top 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

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  • January 5, 2021
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The Internet is a very competitive marketplace. In today’s world everything from working, studying, buying to reviewing through websites.

So, In 2020 websites can no longer afford to be ignored. And talking about Websites, we can see the emerging technology and CMS called WordPress which is powering 35% of the web and Users to make 70 Million new posts and 77 million new comments each month using WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source which has become the most widely used content management system (CMS) and is used for setting blogs. It is a CMS licensed under GPL and written in PHP. It allows users to create and edit websites through a central administrative dashboard.
If you have a WordPress site, there are a wide variety of plugins you can install that will help you out but Which ones?
As we know WordPress is well known for being SEO friendly “OUT OF THE BOX”
That is exactly why I am writing this article titled “Top 5 Best SEO plugins for WordPress.
Take a look at these 5 WordPress plugins that are a must to improve your SEO.

Rank Math:
Rank math is an effective WordPress plugin because of its integration with Google Search Console.
If you’re looking for a game-changing SEO plugin, Rank Math is what you are looking for.
Rank math has lots of features that bring you top SEO in your hands. It allows you to manage all your on-page SEO needs for every type of content on your website.
Rank Math is perfect for Bloggers, Businesses, Artists, and Photographers, or any WordPress website.
With my experience, I can assure you as you start typing letters in the focus keyword field it can help you discover more keywords by pulling in automatic keyword suggestions from Google. With a single click of your mouse, Rank Math can import all your setting from other SEO Plugins to itself. The transfer is instant and you don’t lose any SERF rankings as a result.
Rank Maths has intelligent features. Some of them are listed below:-

#Optimize unlimited keywords
#Rich snippets integrated
#Setup wizard
#Manage meta tags
#404 monitor
#Advanced SEO analysis tool
#XML sitemaps functionality

Rank Math is easy to access and one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress for those who are looking for a one-stop-shop for all features.

Yoast SEO:
The Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin is one of the most popular options which is the first thing that comes to an experienced marketer’s mind. This is also the best plugin to start if you are willing to improve your WordPress SEO.
It is easy to use and works by first selecting a focus keyword. From there it analyzes your SEO by using a series of colored lights and provides recommendations.
Red lights mean problems, Orange lights mean the need for more improvements and Green lights mean your SEO is good.
The features of the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin are listed below:

#Keyword optimization
#Readability check
#No duplicate content
#Internal linking suggestions
#XML sitemaps functionality

Even with minimal technical knowledge, you will have your SEO scoring with this plugin. This plugin is available just for $89(Pro Version) but you can also use it for free.

All in one SEO:
If you have a basic blog or startup “All In One SEO’S Pack” is great to improve your SEO. Most advanced WordPress users also use this plugin.
It is well- known and popular for its clean and easy to navigate dashboard. It is similar to Yoast SEO but not at the same level as the interface and pricing options for organizations of different sizes are different between the two plugins.
Let’s look at some features of All In One SEO Pack:
Title optimization
Automatic meta tag generation
XML sitemap support to make your site more readable to search engines
Prevents duplicate content from being created.
It is for free or you can upgrade to the premium version for $57 per year.

Semrush SEO writing assistant is open-source software. It has one of the best toolkits available for SEO. Though the Semrush SEO plugin for WordPress isn’t widely used as some other plugins but still its top choice to be considered.
To use this plugin, you have to register or connect a Semrush account for free. Set your target keywords to get recommendations for your content then select a target location on desktop or mobile and create an SEO content template.
This plugin analyses your content and gives a score on how SEO friendly your writing is. Therefore, you will see text suggestions as explanations to improve your content for SEO purposes.
Here are a few features to look forward to using this plugin for your content:
A readability score, text length, and recommendation for keywords.
Target keywords and recommended keywords.
Check your link for possible errors and problems.
Plagiarism helps to validate your writer has submitted original content.
It makes sure that your writing is consistent with the desired level of formality.
You can use this plugin for free as it gives only one template so you will probably want to use the premium plan of this plugin.

Are you looking for a powerful WordPress plugin to optimize your SEO, SEOPress is one you’re looking for.SEOPress is a freemium plugin which boosts your traffic, improves social sharing, all in one SEO plugin for WordPress with no ads. It’s simple, fast, and lets you manage all your titles and meta description for your content.
Here are a few features that make SEOPress a great choice:-
No advertisement, no footprints, white-label in frontend and backend.
It lets you add Google Analytics tracking your site in seconds. You can exclude user roles for tracking, setup custom dimensions, enable remarketing also help you to write search engine optimized content, and so on.
With a single click, you can import your post and term metadata from other plugins.
Build custom HTML and XML sitemaps.
Create optimized breadcrumbs for SEO.
Redirections 301.
Monitoring 404

Thank you for coming through this article. Hope You enjoyed reading it a lot and got some information. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback please don’t hesitate to write them in the comment box below because it will help us to improve or correct our contents.

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