Winter and Suffocation- fatal if not cared

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  • January 31, 2020
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Winter season- a cause of suffocation

Winter brings many cases of suffocation with it. And, many people die due to suffocation in winter. People know this facts but they don’t the reasons.

One winter morning, I sat on a chair with a cup of tea and started gazing at newspaper. I saw a news about the death due to suffocation. As the time passed, I listened  many such news. So, I decided to dig a hole and come up with some facts.

Wool or Coal

We often see news about people dying due to suffocation in winter. In rural areas, people use wood or coal in their room for warmth. As a result, they suffocate in case of lack of good ventilation or open windows. Such fires produce deadly gases as carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The mixture reduces the level of oxygen in hemoglobin in RBCs. So, the vital organs such as brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen which ultimately results in death.

Gas heaters

Keeping gas heaters without precaution also causes suffocation. It is because it increases the level of carbon monoxide in human body. Mostly, CO affects breathing to a very dangerous. It drastically decreases the amount of oxygen in body. In addition, this gas weakens the muscles and one cannot rescue on their own. So, they die of suffocation.

Suffocation in infants:

Many cases of suffocation related deaths are seen among infants in winter. Mostly, such deaths are due to the blockage in airways in babies by things likes pillows, blankets, cushions or mattresses. In winter, such things are mostly used and they may cause suffocation in infants if not taken any precaution.


Indeed, suffocation cases are very common in winter. Suffocation is the cause of many death cases every year. A small carelessness may lead to the most tragic moment of life. So, you have to be very careful even when warming yourself in winter.

After reading the text, you know about the reasons. Now, it is your responsibility to take necessary precautions.

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